Although the Blake Refund is recommended for expedited processing, and serves to better track the progress of your refund request, applications by mail are accepted.

Apply by mail

Download, print, and complete the application (click here to download), provide proof of identity (and any name change), and mail it to:

Administrative Office of the Courts
Attention: Blake Refund Program
P.O. Box 41170
Olympia, WA 98504-1170

Please provide a phone number in the instance that we need to contact you. Do not send any personal identifying information via email.

Please ensure that you sign and provide all necessary documents. We cannot review your request until we have this information. Once a completed request is submitted, it is added to a queue for review. Incomplete requests and missing documents will delay our ability to respond to your request.
Please note, there is currently an extremely high volume of Blake convictions refunds in need of processing, and the processing time for payments may vary. Refunds are dependent on when the court uploads the refund amount owed, and will be updated on a constant basis as the courts upload vacates and refund data. If you have cases in more than one jurisdiction, those cases may be processed at different times. Please keep checking back if you don’t see your records on this portal immediately following the vacate of your conviction.

For issues or questions regarding the online reimbursement process, please don't hesitate to contact our portal support team.

Thank you for utilizing the Blake Refund Bureau. We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process.

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